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This is a local Virginia band that has been getting major radio play down here, and I'm just really digging their sound. - Doctah J

Artist: Bison
Song: Switzerland
Album: Quill
Link: myspace.com/bisonfolk

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Melinda Sutherland is a 17-year-old, grade 12 student from Ontario Canada. Her biggest dream is to meet Taylor Swift (I've seen this girl act out Taylors entire set from her last tour. Not even joking), and in doing so, help an extremely worthy charity. Melinda will donate $500.00 to the Canadian Cancer Society. She is up to $2000.00 with people agreeing to donate on her behalf if she meets Taylor. I know Melinda, I work with her. In the year that I've known her she's had to deal with a lot of unnecessary bumps in the road, especially for a seventeen year old.

Please take a minute to watch this video she made and "like" her Facebook page, facebook.com/melindatomeettaylor. Melinda is one of the most hard-working, respectful teenagers I have met in a long time and if anyone deserves to meet their idol, it's her. - Jen

From the YouTube channel of: melsutherland13!!

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Michigan band Citizen, and Virginia band Turnover are psyched to announce pre-orders are not available for their split 7"! You can stream the entire record on Bandcamp.com! All orders come with an immediate download of the record, featuring two download-only acoustic bonus tracks from each band. There are also a number of exclusive packages, including a new pre-order only shirt from each band. The vinyl record is also available in three different stunning colors!

You can order or stream from the above bandcamp page, or as always, head over to the Run For Cover Record's web-store at runforcoverrecords.com/store.
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Osaka Japan’s legendary Pop/Punk Pioneers “Shonen Knife